Your Ace Personell

Your Ace Personell Annesley
30 May, 2018
Part time
I am looking for 150 people to start work 7th February for a short term contract. Training:  7th of Feb at 09:00am 8th of Feb at 13:30pm Live: 12th of Feb 08:45am – 18.30pm  13th of Feb 07:45am – 20:00pm 14th of Feb – Two Shifts 1. 06:45am – 17:30pm  OR 2. 07:45am - 19:30pm Must be able to:- 1. Communicate effectively. 2. Possess a good command of the English language both written and spoken. 3. Able to use a computer at an average or above average or level. This position:- 1. Pays £7.50 per hour  2. Has a full training programme.  3. May offer more work and even a permanent job for people who show promise. Ideal person:- 1. People who have worked in call centres environment or office. 2. People who have worked in retail 3. School or college leavers with an outgoing friendly personality. 4. Anyone who can offer friendly good customer service. 5. Someone who may have been out of work a while and wants to get back but has above skill sets. Duties:- 1. Answer incoming calls.  2. Take orders and input data into the system.  4. Process orders. Based in Annersley Notts. On a bus route.