sufyaan gangat

  • Plumbing
  • Leicester
  • 20 Dec, 2018
Full time Construction Engineering Installation-Maint-Repair

Personal Summary

I am submitting my resume for the position of Plumber. With vocational certification as well as more than 3 years of experience both as an apprentice and as a practising Plumber, I am confident in the skills I can bring to any job.

My professional experience includes installing and repairing all types of plumbing systems and fixtures, such as pipes, valves, sewer mains, sinks, water heaters and pumps, installing plumbing systems in both commercial and residential buildings and operating a wide variety of both traditional and cutting-edge tools,. I have successfully assessed, repaired and maintained the plumbing systems of dozens of businesses and homes, and over the course of my experience I have learned that great Plumbers must have a passion for excellent customer service as well as thorough technical knowledge.

I look forward to hearing forward from you